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ReSell,,,RePlace...ReJoice with HowToConsign.comWhat's all about? Our goal? Raising the profile of resale.
Inspiring the public to shop secondhand first.
Helping our local communities thrive.
Doing all we can to keep our ecological footprint light.
And promoting your shop as the place consumers can do all that!

What’s in it for me? Build your visibility by linking to articles on our site and in our blog to
Teach shoppers how to shop resale, 
Motivate them to “shop secondhand first”,
Provide how-to’s for making their goods more valuable,
And show them how to use and care for their purchases. 

BONUS: Reporters love sidebar info for their articles. Adding "For more on how to shop resale, see the tips at" to your press releases could result in a better press mention!

Who’s behind Kate Holmes, industry leader and host of Too Good to be Threw, says: 
I love that HowToConsign helps your shop be more profitable, easier to run, and a lot more FUN. You know Products for the Professional Resaler educate YOU. With HowToConsign, I pre-educate your clients. That's right! I tell them how to make their underloved items worth more to them and to you.

Improve your site’s SEO Related useful links from your site to others increase your ranking and helps you show up higher in search engine results.
Add a link on your site, social media or e-newsletter to our many consumer help articles at and our blog at

Take a girl resale shopping from Okay, so why's it called How To Consign... I don't consign!
Short answer: Because how to consign or sell or was already taken :)
Longer answer: We use the address because anything longer would be hard for your customers to remember.
We cover not only consigning underloved items, 
but selling to shops 
and donating to charitable stores 
and of course we cover shopping and buying resale! 

How can my shop be listed on the Resale Shop Directory? 
To list your shop, include at least one link on your web site to HTC. Yup, that’s it! No fee, no subscription, no purchase necessary (although, of course, we highly recommend our Products!)
Download any of our graphics to use as a link or simply link to us in your site’s text.
Then email me the URLs of your pages with functioning links to HTC on them plus contact info for you plus your shop name and town, as you would like it on the Resale Shop Directory

Why do I have to link to
More visits to means your link on the Resale Shop Directory helps potential customers FIND YOU. That's because an important part of search engine ranking is who links to whom. If you have a link on your site to HTC, as HTC always has a link to your site, you will see an improvement in your site's ranking.
Putting a link to HTC, Google's #1 ranked site is FREE gold for your business, so don't delay. 

What should I do next?
* Use links to HTC in your social media. These links are a simple. quick way to give your followers useful information. Imagine the boost to your business when you link to articles like The 10 Things You Should Always Buy Used or Cachet without Cash
* Give your reporter links to the HTC articles that suit your press release or media interview (see them all here.) The more information reporters can get quickly and easily, the longer your article or TV appearance might be!
* Social media: "Like", share, and comment on our Facebook page. Follow HTC on Twitter for tweets designed to be retweeted to your followers. (Check out HTC's Twitter "Favorites" too when you need something to tweet!)
* At HTC on Pinterest,  it's crazy easy to re-pin to your Pinterest business boards.
* Use the best of the best tips available at Too Good to be Threw’s web site and the Auntie Kate, Resale Guru blog

Some final words:
Keep in mind that the more active your shop is on the HowToConsign outlets, the better your search engine ranking will be. Participate and share regularly, as part of your business marketing tools.
Please remember that while putting a link to HTC's info on your site is welcomed, the essays are copyrighted and may not be used on your site.
And keep in mind: ONLY HTC pre-educates both shoppers and suppliers to make your shop more profitable.


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